Door Solutions

We are all about door opening solutions and understand the parallels between the door frame, door, and lock integration and the importance each play in the defence against intruder attack. We believe...Your door opening is only as strong as its weakest part!

Our commercial range of doors are manufactured to meet specific requirements.

Fire door range is aimed to provide a safety barrier against the threat of fire. These doors are designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke by acting as a barrier to the other rooms, and also to provide a means of escape if necessary for any people still in the building.

The Project range consists of:

  • Mini (37mm) fire doors are available in 1hr, 2hr fire ratings in standard and custom sizes
  • Maxi (47mm) range available in 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr fire ratings in standard and custom sizes.

Fire door accessories range include:

  • 4hr fire rated vision panels –  300×200, 450×120, 600×100
  • Air grilles – 300×600, 450×450
  • Fire rated meeting stile seals.
  • perimeter & bottom door seals
  • Compliant fire door locks and door accessories approved and tested to the Australian Standard, 1905 Part1, 2005.

Metal Clad range is aimed to provide an additional barrier against intruders and weather.
Our Joinery division can provide a fully wrapped and capped cladded door in:

  • Zinc anneal
  • Galva bond
  • Color bond
  • Stainless Steel
  • We do offer single sided cladding options by request, but advise all door warranties are void with this method.

Our Solid Core stock range are often used in commercial applications  and are much better at insulating sound and heat.

Solid-core exterior or interior door benefits include:

  • block noise more effectively because of their density.
  • heat resistance properties.
  • higher level of impact resistance against criminal activity.
  • Onsite workability
  • Door skin availability – paint ply, Duracoat, veneer options

Our tradesman are experts in door preparation works and provide in-house preparations for:

  • glass view panels
  • mortice locks
  • cylindrical locks & deadbolts
  • rebated bottom door seals
  • door grilles
  • core drill preparation for electric locks.

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Project Hardware NQ is a Townsville reseller for the industry leading and Australian family owned door manufacturer Hume Doors & Timber. Our reseller partnership with the industry leaders ensures we can offer the most comprehensive range of door and door systems in Townsville. The Hume Door Entrance and Exterior door range offers a stunning and versatile range that is guaranteed to excite. The range offers numerous options in glass design and size, with door skins to either showcase the natural beauty of timber or be painted for that pop of colour. The Hume Door interior range of router and moulded panel doors are designed to complement your entrance door and help match your theme. Contact the Project team or email for a complete door opening solution. Hume Door Catalogue