Door frame solutions

Our Townsville steel door jambs are only manufactured from Australian made materials to ensure you are receiving the very best quality door frame.

We strive to make the installation process as easy as possible and believe you should not be limited to a standard profile or fixing method door frame.

Our custom made-to order steel door jambs are designed to be more robust, custom profiled and manufactured in a variety of materials such as: Zinc anneal, Galva bond & Stainless Steel.

Our custom made-to-order steel door frames are manufactured in two forms;

  • Knock-down door frames are supplied in loose form that clip together on site
  • Welded door frames are supplied fully welded together and must be used in fire door openings for a certifiable fire door set.

When purchasing a Project custom steel door frame, you can be confident that you are receiving a quality door jamb to meet your specific requirements.

Contact the project team or email for a custom fit door frame to meet your requirements.