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Tactile & Stair Nosings Solutions

Project Hardware NQ have your tactile and stair nosing solution.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI’s) are raised domes or directional bars that are made from various materials which are installed into a path of travel.

TGSI give warning, hazard and or directional information to pedestrians who are visually impaired, through contact or colour they aim to ensure the visually impaired enjoy a safe pedestrian experience.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are made of a range of materials to suit different substrates and environments such as stainless steel, brass, polyurethane and ceramic.

why do i need them?

Legislation states that people with disabilities have the legal right to access the building and public facilities in a safe and independent manner with the responsibility resting on the builders and designers of these buildings to ensure that this access goes unimpeded.

Stair Nosings or Tread Tape must also be installed to effectively assist the vision impaired identify each stair edge and there-for minimising the danger.

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