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Electronic Security Solutions

We have a large variety of electronic locks & strikes to meet all types of property access requirements.

Lock-set applications vary from the use of Pin code, Swipe card, Finger print, Fob, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and can be fitted onto new or existing doors.

We are a local provider of the Salto & Onity access control locking systems that are widely used in both Education and Accommodation environments that require Audit trail capabilities.

We have various Digital Smart Locks that are easy to install, standalone with Air BnB visitor access in mind.

These locks allow you to unlock your door via a PIN, RFID Card or Fob, a key or a Smart phone via Bluetooth connectivity.

Additional Bluetooth features can include remote code sharing property access, that allows the administrator to email or text a generated pin code to a visitor/short term stay guest according to a specific time period.

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